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Setting up a font server on HP-UX

For use with Cygwin, I had to set up a font server on an HP machine, so that I could use the native HP fonts in a remote display session for displaying an in-house developed application.

These are the steps you need to take.

Configuration files on HP-UX

Edit /etc/rc.config.d/xfs


Edit /etc/services to allow font serving over the network; add this line:

xfs	7000/tcp	# X font server

Note that this is different than the default port on Linux systems, 7100.

Start the X font server:

/sbin/init.d/xfs start

Check with ps that it is running.

Cygwin X server startup

Start the Cygwin X server with the following options:

XWin.exe -depth 8 -fullscreen -fp tcp/<servername>:7000 -query <servername>

I needed to start it in 8-bit colours because the application is really old and people using it want to have the same colours as ever. When running in normal 24- or 32-bit mode, colours were mapped in several nice but wrong ways.

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