These exercises will help you to become familiar with the contents of LDIF files and LDAP configuration files.

  1. Examine the sample LDIF file that comes with the iPlanet/SunONE directory package. It is located in the server's installation directory


    In the absence of such a file, check the example in man ldif, or refer to the section called “LDIF format reviewed” for making a dump of the currently in-use directory data in LDIF format.

    • Where are user entries located in the directory tree?

    • Which object classes are enabled for a typical user entry?

    • What are the organizational unit (ou) attributes for a typical user entry?

    • How to find out which attributes are required for an object class and which may be left out?

  2. Analyse your server's configuration files:

    • On which TCP port is it running?

    • What is the name of your LDAP name space (domain)?

    • How long will it take before a query is abandoned?