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Programming with Linux libraries for real dummies


SDL for real dummies


  • Basic knowledge of the C programming language: variables, operations, functions, structures, the printf program etc. Using your favorite search engine will probably give some results for an on-line course, such as this one by Steve Holmes.
  • Basic knowledge of the shell and UNIX commands. Check with the Intro to Linux guide.
  • Use of a text editor, preferably one supporting syntax highlighting, such as vim, emacs or gvim.
  • You need to have the SDL package and the SDL-devel package on your system, download from libsdl.org if they're not installed.


Having a first experience in interacting with Linux libraries.

Not covered in this document

  • Installing new programs, see your system documentation for that.
  • Writing games in SDL.
  • Installing libraries (see The Program-Library-HOWTO).


To keep it easy, most programs are included entirely. This is the web, I'd advise not to print this one.

This is a work in progress. Part of it comes from libsdl.org.

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