Print Services

The installation of printservices is a job for your system administrator. Print systems may vary largely across Unix systems (e.g. lpd, LPRng, CUPS). Most Unix systems provide simple management tools for printer installation and management, which are explained in your system manual.

Figure 1. Printer Configuration


Most files can be printed without formatting, but they won't look pretty. Many Unix distributions include nroff and troff, or gnroff and groff, two powerfull text formatting tools. These are too complex and extended to discuss here. A simple tool for minor formatting on terminal screen or printeroutput is pr. See man pr should you need more information.

Command line printing

Your system will have either lp or lpr. lp afile will send afile to the printer. The lineprint command has many options, see the manual pages for references. Once the file is accepted in the printqueue, you will be given an identification number for the printjob.

Printing from within an application

The application will do the formatting for you, the only thing you have to do is tell it what the printcommand should be. If only one printer is available, just enter lp or lpr. If the system has more than one printer, specify the destination queue with the -P printer option (contact your sysadmin when in doubt).